We feel honored to receive such an enthusiastic and positive feedback from you. Thank you for your support. It reinforces our mission and motivates us to continue producing content that can delight your family. What people are saying?
It is really great & absorbing. We find no words to express our happiness. A novel attempt. Really superb
U have really done a fabulous job. The website really tickles me pink. The site is really an interesting one and has all the qualities to attract kids and emphasises our cultural values and traditions which i feel can be added up
A Laudable effort to educate children in our cultural and religious fields. It is so sweet, simple and marvellous. Keep it up.
Its a cute website serving a good purpose. I sent it to my family and friends, here is one feedback I got... thanks a lot.... you won't believe the number of thanks mail i got courtesy the link you sent which i forwarded to a dozen others...... BUT more so, my kids enjoyed it thoroughly last evening...... they had to see them all.... and it was quite an effort putting them to bed....
This is such a wonderful website and we could see the amount of effort that's been put in creating this one of a kind website. Kudos to the ENTIRE team !!!
Truly an incredible site for kids.. Highly appreciate all your efforts.Great work yar, keep sailing... Seems like, I 'll be learning a lot from your site... Becox I dont know meaning for lot of slokas...
I would like to thank you for this wonderful website of yours.; We go to your website almost everyday and today my 4 year old daughter learnt two slokas from it - Guru Brahma and Hanuman sloka Thanks once again for all the good work.
I have been forwarding your website to a number of people, who are all in praise of the same. There is a gentleman in Mumbai, who religiously visits your website every morning before leaving for office. My 7 month old grandson whom we baby sit now in the US watches the animation intently tapping the PC table for the music. While it is called as slokas for the kids, many adults are also benefited
First I would like to thank you very much for such an excellent site. My kids and me enjoy very much. ; My 1 and a half year old wants to listen to the slokas every time when he eats
Congratulations! This is a great site. Thank you for doing this for the community. A great way to build a better community is to teach todays kids! You are right on target!! Congratulations and thank you once again for such a great work in helping our kids.
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