We are proud to introduce our one and only SLOKAKIDS  
::Vidyut Veedgav singing Kamala kucha
::Anirudh singing Vasudeva
::Siri singing Mooshika
::Chinmaya singing Saraswathi Namasthubyam
::Prarthana singing Raamaya
::Harinarayanan singing Subramanya
::Sriranjani singing SaraswathiNamasthubyam
::Dhanya singing Gangecha
::Mihika singing Ramaya
::Pranav singing Mudakaratha
::Soham singing Vasudeva
::Sarayu singing Asatoma
::Ramya singing Mudakaratha
::Keyaa singing Vakrathunda
::Aarush singing Shuklam
::Pooja singing Alokyamathur
::SaiChaithanya singing Adaram sloka
::Gohith singing Achutham
::Shreyas singing Achutham
::Anusha singing Vakrathunda
::Nethra singing Ganesh sloka
::Anusha Singing Karpur
Want Your Kid To Sing Here!!!
First of all , we would like to thank you all for your overwhelming support and positive feedback. We hear that a lot of kids have become 'Slokakids' and they especially love the tunes in which the slokas are sung. Here is an idea to further encourage your kids and for you to enjoy your kids' singing skills. Have your child sing the slokas in our tunes and email it to us. We will publish it on our website, complete with animations where possible. We accept MP3, WAV formats. We recommend using Audacity, a freely available VOICE EDITOR on the internet. Please send the files to admin@slokakids.com Enjoy the renditions!