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Sloka MP3 Available Now
  WISH YOU ALL A VERY HAPPY NAVARATHRI!   Thank you for your continued support and spending your precious time on We are happy to announce that the Slokas can be downloaded from Amazon MP3. You can preview and download from here. Audio CD that makes a great gift will continue to be available from                
- Slokakids Team
Audio CD Feedback: "Though $5 is the price of the CD, its contents are priceless. The joy that our family has when my 20 month old recites "Guru Brahma" and sings at least a few words from most of the slokas is inexplicable. The slokas are not only for kids, but also for people like me, who listen and learn them and find solace within. I admire the sloka team for their brilliant idea and selfless effort and also thank them for their contribution in raising many a disciplined child. - Divya
Slokas in Ragas
Slokakid: Hey friends, Want to learn some ' Slokas'?
Check out this site! IT'S GREAT.
Buddy: Oh yeah! By the way, what's a Sloka?
Slokakid: 'Sloka' , also called, 'Shloka' is a Sanskrit word which means
a prayerful verse written according to certain grammatical
rules. Slokas are sung in praise of Hindu Gods. Learning and
chanting slokas is a way to pray to God. will
help you learn easy and short slokas composed in Indian
classical tunes known as 'Ragas'.
Buddy: Cool. I can learn to sing Indian classical music. I can also have a regular praying time to chant all the slokas that I learn.
Slokakid: Yep. Sing along with your favorite Ganesh sloka,
"Mudhakaratha modhagam" or Krishna sloka, "Achutham kesavam"or slokas on any of your favorite Hindu Gods such as Subramanya,Hanuman, Lakshmi, Saraswathi. Watch the animations especially made for kids.
Buddy: Thank you Slokakid.
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